Sell Your Vehicle

Decided to sell your car?

Whether you choose Aston to facilitate this transaction or “go it alone” there are a few things you need know about selling your car privately.

As specialists in the private to private world we would like to offer you some important advice in anticipation of a successful sale.

You will need to have the following documentation in order and readily available:

  1. A valid roadworthy certificate
  2. Service book and spare Keys
  3. Proof of ownership
  4. Ensure the selling price is market related
  5. Original NATIS document if the vehicle is unencumbered
  6. Keep your vehicle clean and odour free
  7. Ensure your car is readily available for viewing
  8. Where best to advertise your car: online and/or local magazine.
    1. Should Aston facilitate this transaction on your behalf we will advertise your car on our Aston virtual showroom  
      Ask us how
    2. Should you choose to “go it alone” arrange to meet a potential buyer at a busy venue of your choice and if possible ask someone to accompany you.

Contact us if you need any further information and feel free to browse through our website and acquaint yourself with our services.

We hope to meet you soon.