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Enabling efficient and safe P2P sales for buyers and sellers

Unlock a seamless Private-To-Private Vehicle Finance experience with Aston Financial Services. Experience swift approvals, competitive rates, and flexible finance solutions tailored to make your dream car a reality. Complete our easy application and let us guide you to the keys of your dream ride!

Sell Car
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How does it work?

  • 1. Application
  • 2. Verification
  • 3. Agreements
  • 4. Registration


It is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

  • Application: Complete our application and provide the necessary documents to get started.
  • Verification: Once your application is approved; we conduct thorough checks on both the vehicle and seller.
  • Agreements: With clean checks and agreed financials, we facilitate the entire deal; ensuring a smooth process from contract signing to handling associated costs, insurance, and more.
  • Registration: We handle the vehicle's registration and, for KZN clients, can also assist with licensing.

A P2P vehicle sale directly connects private buyers and sellers, offering a personalized, safe, and cost-effective alternative to buying from a dealership.

P2P transactions grant buyers access to a diverse vehicle selection at negotiable prices, while sellers enjoy direct engagement with motivated buyers, ensuring quick, profitable sales. Aston Financial Services enhances this experience by providing expert support and security at every step.

Buyers should be cautious of fraudulent ownership, undisclosed vehicle encumbrances, scam advertisements, and vehicles with hidden damages or accident histories. Aston mitigates these risks with comprehensive vehicle and seller checks.

Selling a car can be tricky. You might worry about getting financing, dealing with fake buyers, sorting out paperwork, and staying safe during test drives or making payments. Aston offers solutions to these challenges by aiding buyers with financing, verifying buyer authenticity, and ensuring secure, complete transactions.

Absolutely! As part of the Halfway Group, we leverage strong bank relationships to offer smooth, efficient financing options, competitive rates, and structures that fit your needs, along with assistance in warranties, insurance, and other value-added products.

We conduct the full FICA processes for seller and buyer identity, vehicle ownership checks, vehicle identification and specs verification, police interest checks, buyer finance requirements assessment, vehicle roadworthiness checks, and review of noted claims and repair history.

Should you wish to sell or buy a vehicle privately, we will ask for all the relevant documents at that time. Required documents may vary, but typically include:

From the Seller: ID, Valid Roadworthy Certificate (RWC), Vehicle Inspection report (DEKRA), Proof of Address, vehicle registration document (Natis copy), and finance settlement letter if applicable.

From the Buyer: ID, proof of address, and finance application documentation (proof of income/earnings, bank statements, personal budget, etc.)

Seem like too much?! Don’t worry as our team will guide you through every step!

We manage all the necessary forms and documentation for South African licensing authorities, ensuring a smooth transfer and registration process in the new owner's name.

Maintenance and Repairs: Ensure your vehicle's reliability with our budget-friendly Value-Added products offered by our F&I’s.

Insurance Solutions Benefit from competitive insurance options tailored to your needs through Scottfin Insurance Brokerage; a Halfway Group Company.

Depreciation Costs: Gain insights into resale values and explore options for upgrading to a new model to mitigate depreciation expenses.